Various services I offer!

Dead PC ?

Many "dead" machines can have something very simple wrong with them. I are happy to take a look at any computer for you and tell you what's wrong with it. Once you know the cost you can then decide if you want it repaired or to throw it and buy a new one.

If the machine is not viably worth repairing I can usually rescue your precious photos and documents so you can transfer them to your new computer.

Servicing ?

If you have software problems I recommend a service. This cleans your machine, removing virus and spy ware issues, cleaning the registry, removing old files no longer needed etc.

Broadband Installation ?

I can set up your broadband service for you or help to transfer over from your old one. If you are having problems I can often help.

Website Design & Hosting ?

From a basic informational site to a full online shopping experience, I can help.


Protection Software

There are some excellent free protection software programs available. It's not as expensive as you may imagine to have your system running as safe as possible.

Want a new PC ?

When I build you a computer, I built it to your specifications. I can also transfer douments and pictures etc from your old machine (if possible), and personally install your machine and set up your broadband etc. Read More...


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