Computers Built to your specifications.

Here at Pure Cornish I also build new computers to order.

Tell me your budget, what you would like your PC to do and we can build one to your specifications. You can choose between Windows 7 or Windows 8.

All the specifications are confirmed at the time of order. Most of our suppliers have special offers on regularly, so we can purchase the highest quality components at the best price. Enhancing your budget to make the most of your machine. I can usually deliver a new PC within 3 days of ordering.

I can also include the transfer of all your documents and photos etc from your old computer to your new computer. I will also personally deliver the computer and install it on site. Where applicable, I can install your broadband etc and have the new computer up and running to your satisfaction before I leave.

I give a 12 month warranty on all our PC's and I pre-install software to help keep it running to the best of its specifications. I recommend an excellent anti virus program which we can also install before delivery. The computer must be running though a power surge protection plug, easily obtained from shops like B&Q or I can pick on up for you for installation (usually around £15). Power surges can blow the mains unit and also the motherboard which is not covered under your warranty so it could be an expensive repair. Virus and Spy ware problems are also not covered but I offer a discount if you need any work undertaking while your computer is under warranty. Should you get any problems I try to visit within 48 hours and depending on the repair get you back up and running within a day or two. Often we have managed repairs and returned the PC the next day, but this isnt always possible especially if we need to order in replacement parts.

You have a choice when purchasing your new PC. You can buy a "Cheap n Cheerful unit" from around £350. These off the shelf units are usually good spec machines. The problems come when you come to either update in the future or if a component fails when the warranty runs out. They are usually not upgradable so you cant replace or upgrade the different components. My machines are built to be upgradable in the future and you can add better graphics cards, sound cards, extra ports etc to be fairly future proof.

Most of my customers once they have dealt with me, tend to stay with me, so I know the history of the machine and how our particular customers want them to work. I can then refine the software etc so the machine runs to the customers tastes.

Why not contact me for an informal chat to see what I can offer you ?


Do you fancy a new Laptop ?

We do not build Laptops but we can offer you advice in your purchase.

The basic rule is to purchase the best you can possibly afford at the time.

Laptops can be more expensive to upgrade and to repair once the warrenty has expired, so make sure that your home insurance covers your laptop for accidental damage.

Why not shop around and see whats on the market and see which laptops you like the look and feel of. There are some very good bargains available to buy online or even at the local electronic stores.