Laptop Repairs and Servicing!

Laptops tend to need a little more looking after then tower PC systems.

Its very easy to break connections on Laptops, such as the usb ports or especially the mains lead connection. Laptops tend to be moved around a lot on kitchen tables, on your lap in the lounge etc. Most of these can be easily remedied but can occasionally impact on the actual motherboard and can mean its cheaper to replace the laptop than to go to the expence of a repair.

Because Laptops take so much longer to strip down and test the components I charge £35 to diagnose a laptop. I will then let you know the cost of the repair, and if the laptop is viably worth the expense. If you go ahead with a repair then you wont be charged for diagnosing the fault. Often the repair can be a simple soldering job which is then included in the diagnostic fee.

With software, its the same as on a tower system. We recommend a good anti virus program and back it up with other software which you then run on a regular basis to keep the machine running as smooth as possible.

Make sure your laptop is covered under your house insurance and check with your insurers that your laptop would be covered if you take it outside the house. Many teenagers now have a laptop to take to college etc.

The technology today is so good that even on a basic entry level laptop they will do almost everything a standard user will ever need but feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Recommended Extras.

USB Mouse - The touchpads are fine for occasional use but if you are using the laptop on a desk, most people find a decent mouse much more comfortable

USB Hub - If you are likely to be using your laptop in other rooms it is worth investing in a hub to plug in your printer, mouse etc. Then when you put your laptop back on your desk you only have one lead to plug in

Comfortable Laptop Bag - You may not plan to be taking your laptop out but especially for new users, its surprising how often it can come in useful out and about.

Screen Wipes - Unless your screen is exceptionally dirty usually a clean dishcloth is just as good as the fancy cleaning solutions available.