Do you deal with personal or business computers ?

I deal basically with any PC's or Laptop's from single home computers just for the kids home work, right up to multi computers in offices.

Do you deal with Linux ?

No I'm afraid we dont. I am not trained in Linex systems.

Do you deal with Apple Software?

No I'm afraid we dont. I am not trained in Apple systems.

Do you deal with tablets and smartphones ?

I dont repair them but if you are having issues like connecting them to your wireless connection, accessing your email and basic usage I'm happy to help.

What do you charge?

I dont charge a call out charge. When I can see what is wrong with your machine I can then give you an idea of what the charge will be for the repair. If your problem is fixed within an hour I charge £35. If the job will take longer than that, I can discuss that with you at the time.

When you give me a quote, could the bill be higher and could there be hidden costs?

Occasionally I can take a machine in for a basic system clean then find other problems. If I quote you for any work undertaken then find another problem, I will not go ahead with any work until I have spoken to you. I never go ahead with any repair until you are happy with the price you have been quoted.

My machine is dead can you save my photos?

It really depends on what has happened to your machine in the first place. It could be as simple as a failed power supply, in which case there will be nothing wrong with your harddrive and I can easily transfer your photos etc to a disc or some other type of storage device. If your harddrive has been corrupted, you cannot rescue anything form it but its hard to tell till we examine it. I am happy to take a look for free and see what I can do.

I've been given a second hand computer, is it worth you looking at it?

With any second hand or old computer its worth having it serviced. With a second hand computer I can clear out the old users documents, and get it up and running ready for you to use. There will be loads of old programs installed as well as old printers and other hardware which you dont own, which I can remove for you.

I've never had a computer before - How do I set it up and use it?

I am happy to set up any PC old or new for you. From taking it out of the box to plugging it all in for you. I can also give you a crash course in turning it on and accessing the basics like surfing the internet and using the software.

My computer is running slow can you speed it up?

Slow PC's are nearly always due to virus and spyware. I can run a full system clean then install software to try to stop the virus and spyware from returning. When the machine is in for a service we can also see what RAM you are running and see if that is upgradable. The RAM is the thinking part of your machine.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.