Broadband Installation and Problem Solving !

Broadband is the fastest way to surf the internet. Its a fast, reliable and permanent connection to the internet, and your phone will ring whenever you get a call.

However, it isn't as simple as they make out in the adverts.

You have to sign up to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) who will activate your phone line for broadband. This should take from a week to 10 days.

Meantime, you would be sent a broadband modem and your username and password. Typically, once your phone line has been activated, you would then run a disc which will tell you when to plug in the relevant leads and where to enter your username and password.

Unfortunately, what they don't tell you, is that before you even sign up for broadband you should ensure your computer/laptop will run it safely and properly. No computer should even attempt to run broadband without adequate protection. You will need a network port on your PC or a wireless adaptor. Both can be added easily.

Other potential problems are that you may have something on your phone line which will stop broadband from activating or that the modem should be plugged directly into the first/main telephone socket in your house. Also, your username and password for your broadband sign in, is rarely the same as the details for your new e-mail account.

I have a lot of experience in setting up/installing broadband and you may find it much less painful to call me in from the beginning rather than after days of frustrated foreign help line phone calls.

As to who to sign up with - There are many companies offering broadband services. Its worth shopping around as there are lots of good deals including free telephone calls etc.


I can help to sort out your current broadband problems. Often it can be the actual PC which isnt connecting rather than a problem with your supplier.

I can now enhance your wireless broadband signal to give you twice the range you currently have. Ideal for multi story homes or for those who have an office in your garden shed.

You can also have problems with your filter boxes and not having them installed correctly.

Please contact me if you think I may be able to help.