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My name is Tracey Mahoney, I dont just work with computers but they are also my favorite hobby.

I bought my first computer about 20 years ago. Its facinating to see the improvements over the years. But trying to keep up with technology is both great fun and at times totally baffling.

I obviously use computers for work but love playing with new software and finding easier and better ways of doing just about anything.

From Karaoke to watching our family holiday photos transmitted to our lounge television. I have learned that PC's are not just for boring accounts and word processing.

I have great fun with music, photos and games and now with broadband, the internet is the greatest research and shopping tool ever invented.

Computers will never replace relaxing with a good book, but in our home, my family and I use our computers for all our music, home videos, photo sideshows etc. When is the last time you got out old photo albums? Ours are all on DVD sideshows now, I also have loads of photo frames in our office and lounge, I print out new pics and replace them regularly.

Customers ask why I can stand to work with computers every day. They can be extremely frustrating, impossible to understand but never, never boring! There is always something new to learn with technology changing on a daily basis. Remember what your first PC could do - then imagine where we will be in the next 10 years.

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